Fawn Bernhardt-Norvell

Fawn has served as director of development for several area nonprofits including Hennepin Theatre Trust, Jeremiah Program and Wellstone Action.  She helped found Wellstone Action, a legacy organization created to continue and honor the work of the late Senator Paul Wellstone, where she also served as deputy executive director until her departure in 2012.  Fawn began her fundraising career in 1994 as the assistant finance director of the Wellstone Alliance and eventually became the deputy finance director on Senator Wellstone’s 2002 senate race.  Her first non-profit development position was

A Morning in Dadaab

In this issue CVT Clinical Advisor Paul Orieny writes about spending time with one of the counseling groups at our Dadaab project. "On the day I visited, two women counselors were running the groups, starting with a group of young Somali women. They were in their 20s, but their faces didn't look that young. You can read a lot of what has happened in people's lives on their faces -- the sadness in their eyes, the tightness in their facial muscles."

The Act of Killing

This critically acclaimed documentary follows Anwar Congo, considered the founding father of a right-winged paramilitary group, as he undergoes a powerful transformation and comes to terms with what he did to so many people in North Sumatra.


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