Scientific Conference on the Right to Rehabilitation for Torture Victims

International law grants torture victims a right to rehabilitation. This is included as a means of redress and reparation guaranteed by Article 14 of the Convention against Torture. While the precise scope of the obligations on states under Article 14 has been clarified to some extent by the Committee against Torture’s General Comment on Article 14, rehabilitation services are not readily available in all countries. Additionally, many governments lack specific programmes or health budget lines to provide or ensure the provision of rehabilitation services to torture victims. There is accordingly a need to encourage further discussion and collaboration between key stakeholders from government, civil society, academia and donor organisations on how rehabilitation for torture victims can be effectively delivered and can contribute to the fight against torture.

The conference will explore in detail the way rehabilitation is provided to torture victims and it will consider how States can be encouraged to strengthen their implementation efforts in providing holistic and victim-centred rehabilitation services and the necessary funding to torture victims. The four interlinked themes of the conference will provide a platform to share good practice examples in models for the delivery and funding of rehabilitation and explore ways in which rehabilitation services and other key stakeholders can assess and evaluate the services provided in their national context. Linked to this is a need to focus on the immediate situation in the MENA region which faces particular challenges with regard to the provision of rehabilitation services to torture victims. The conference will draw on the experience from rehabilitation centres worldwide as well as representatives from academia, governments, inter-governmental organisations and civil society.

The conference will be hosted jointly by the IRCT and Restart. The IRCT is a health-based umbrella organisation that supports the rehabilitation of torture victims and the prevention of torture worldwide. Its members comprise 144 independent organisations in over 70 countries. Restart is an IRCT member centre based in Lebanon and is active in the field of rehabilitation of victims of torture and violence.

Fri, Jun 28 at 9:15am

Beirut, Lebanon

Rachel Towers Dalal Khawaja


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