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On a recent visit to a museum in Spain, Anne Maertz, CVT strategic partnerships officer, was reminded of the disturbing use of torture to control and punish people and communities throughout history.

Fisseha Micheale Tassow, interpreter/cultural liaison at CVT Ethiopia, writes about how effective translation is part of clients’ healing journey.

Stanton Wood, CVT strategic initiatives officer and longtime writer, takes an in-depth look at the problems with depicting torture in popular entertainment.

Liyam Eloul, CVT clinical advisor for mental health, talks about PATH's recent collaborative work with Tree of Life, a survivor-led rehabilitation organization in Zimbabwe. 

This week through September 30th, New Tactics in Human Rights Program hosts “Violence against Women: Advocating for Legal Reform”, an online conversation led by human rights defenders from across the world. 

Ahmad Al-Shouly, social services coordinator at CVT Jordan, talks about the integral role of social services in supporting refugees who are survivors of torture. 

Before tonight’s first presidential debate, Melina Milazzo, CVT senior policy counsel, notes that should the topic of torture come up, we must remember that torture is a crime, not a policy option.

As the UN and U.S. refugee summits begin this week, Annie Sovcik, director of the Washington Office, sends reminders of the past and recommendations for the immediate future on the global refugee crisis. 

As CVT launches our #RejectTorture campaign today, Curt Goering, CVT executive director, asks fellow Americans to remember these simple facts: torture is illegal, immoral, ineffective and makes America less safe.

Haruka Yuminaga, a former CVT intern in the New Tactics program, wrote about her experience in this letter to her parents.



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