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As the rare study by CVT's Healing Hearts team is published, clinicians Novia Josiah-Isaac and Alison Beckman speak about their experience working with clients.
Eman Al-Shuaibi, Ph.D., psychosocial counselor, CVT Jordan, writes about the significant progress clients make through care.
Curt Goering, CVT executive director, writes that the world must turn its attention to the extensive humanitarian work being done in Iraq, not only to the conflicts in the region.
Noor Abdullah Al-Sagher, senior psychosocial counselor, CVT Jordan, writes about the importance of caring for parents in order to help children heal after war.
Malak Al-Sarisi, senior psychosocial counselor, CVT Jordan, writes about how her clients overcome past trauma as well as dealing with current challenges.
Shorouq Abadi, senior psychosocial counselor, CVT Jordan, writes about taking care of oneself while caring for survivors.
Alison Beckman, MSW, LICSW, senior clinician for external relations, and Andrea Cárcamo, senior policy counsel, write about punitive rules proposed by the White House which will further impact asylum seeking clients.
Kahin Adam, MPH, MSW, LGSW, Somali community educator and psychotherapist, CVT St. Cloud, writes about what it means to clients to work with him, one of few Somali therapists in the region.
CVT, artists and organizations advocate for a more responsible and compassionate response for those fleeing persecution.
Mohamad Bny Salameh, Ph.D., psychotherapist/trainer, CVT Jordan, writes about his work and the need to support clinical staff so they can best support clients.



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