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16 Years Later, Still No Hope in Guantanamo

Thursday, January 11, 2018

It’s been 16 years since detainees were first brought to the Guantanamo Bay prison. 41 are still stranded there, each of them having lived under the agony of indefinite detention for over a decade. Guantanamo is, and will always be, a symbol to the international community of the United States’ role as torturer. It continues to damage the country’s reputation for justice and integrity, and to provide our adversaries with justification for their own despicable acts.

Today, on Guantanamo’s 16th anniversary, five detainees who have long been cleared for transfer remain imprisoned. Another 23 have never been charged or tried. Many of these men are survivors of torture, who deserve specialized rehabilitative care. They have lost hope for fair treatment.

Read more here about the effects of indefinite detention on detainees, and about a new legal action filed by a group of them today, in this article by Scott Roehm, CVT director of the Washington office, on Just Security.

Here are the current numbers:


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