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Atomic Data’s Jim Wolford is a Restoring Hope Breakfast “Regular”

Tuesday, September 19, 2017

Jim Wolford, co-owner and chief executive officer of Minneapolis-based tech company Atomic Data, hopes to see you at CVT’s 2017 Restoring Hope Breakfast. The annual networking event and program brings people together from across the globe to celebrate the strength and resilience of CVT survivors. Atomic Data, which provides technology solutions for businesses of all sizes, is a returning sponsor at the Breakfast this year. Jim will attend for the third time. “I guess you could say I’m a regular now,” he chuckles. “I was invited to the 2015 Breakfast, and as soon as it started, I was sold! The mission, the people and the survivors spoke to my heart as well as my pocketbook.”

The Breakfast program begins at 8 a.m. but Jim doesn’t mind the early start. In fact, he prefers it. Unlike a luncheon or an evening gala, a breakfast isn’t disruptive and it doesn’t require an extensive time commitment. The CVT Breakfast program is an hour long, and he appreciates the way staff uses that short timeframe to deliver a concise but effective message: that for survivors of the worst suffering imaginable, healing is possible.

Jim is also impressed that an organization headquartered minutes away in his hometown confronts a topic as dark and potentially alienating as torture. He understands that while it may be difficult to hear about the experiences of CVT survivors, it’s also essential. For Jim, that’s what makes the Breakfast meaningful. He was particularly moved after listening to Reem Abbasi, psychotherapist/trainer at CVT Jordan, speak two years ago about how physio and psychotherapy helped her 10-year-old client from Syria. This year, he looks forward to hearing Elizabeth Mbatha Muli, psychotherapist/trainer from CVT Kenya, share stories from survivors with CVT’s Nairobi program. Atomic Data supports two refugee camps in Africa, including the Nairobi Training Center, where the 2020 Refugee Olympic team trains in Kenya.

Jim hopes that Atomic Data’s sponsorship of the Breakfast inspires other businesses to participate, especially local businesses. “I’m not talking about gigantic corporations. You don’t have to be Target or US Bank. Smaller sponsors, locally-owned sponsors, they’re just as welcome.” Jim values local companies that, like Atomic Data, build philanthropy into their corporate culture. It’s one of his secrets to retaining quality employees. It’s “Minnesota Nice in action.”

Join Jim Wolford and the Atomic Data team at our 2017 Restoring Hope Breakfast to recognize CVT’s life-changing work and celebrate the stories of CVT clients. The event takes place Thursday, Oct. 12 at The Depot in downtown Minneapolis. Registration and networking start at 7 a.m. The breakfast and program will begin promptly at 8 a.m.

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By Sabrina Crews, CVT marketing and communications specialist 


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