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Bombas Brings Comfort and Joy to CVT Clients

Tuesday, December 18, 2018

Ask any CVT social worker and they’ll tell you that, when collecting cold-weather essentials for CVT’s torture survivor clients, socks rank near the top of their list.

“When the seasons change, our clients’ needs change,” explained Sara Philips, LICSW, social worker for CVT’s Minnesota-based Healing Hearts program. “If social workers have reason to believe that our clients’ basic needs aren’t being met, we’ll follow up with questions about the kinds of things they’re seeking. And almost always, it's winter clothing—like socks.”

Minnesota winters can be particularly severe for the refugees and asylum seekers CVT serves, as they often hail from warmer climates. Many find themselves unprepared to leave their homes and brave the dwindling temperatures. Seeking out appropriate clothing, and the funds to pay for it, only adds to the stressful circumstances they’re facing, which may include trauma from their torture, adjusting to life in a new country and navigating a new legal system.

That’s why CVT is grateful to Bombas Socks for keeping clients in Minneapolis and Atlanta warm and comfortable throughout the winter months. The popular sock manufacturer made news headlines last month for its innovative philanthropy model: For every pair of socks purchased, the company donates another, due to cofounder Dave Health’s discovery that socks are the most in-demand items at homeless shelters.

CVT staff recently witnessed the “One Pair Purchased = One Pair Donated” philosophy in action - on a pretty large scale - after receiving multiple shipments of the high-quality cotton and wool socks in the fall. According to CVT clinicians, Bombas are a hit! Sara said they always deliver smiles to the clients who receive them, and that recipients are quick to comment on how nice they look.

“One family I work with recently moved to Minnesota from the South, and weren’t familiar with our winter landscape,” she explained. “They didn’t even realize they’d need gloves. So the Bombas socks were great to have. They needed a lot, and we had a lot to give!”

Each sock CVT received had the image of a bumblebee – “Bombas” stems from the Latin word for the insect – knit into its soft, “honeycomb” structure. “Bees live together in a hive to make the world a better place,” Bombas states on their company website. “They're small, but their combined actions have a big impact on the world. We like that.” So does the staff at CVT, and more importantly, so do our clients.


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