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CIA Torture Report

Thursday, December 18, 2014

Last week, under the leadership of Senator Dianne Feinstein, the Senate Intelligence Committee made public the executive summary of its 6,000-plus page report on the CIA’s use of torture post 9/11. CVT has worked for the release of this report for more than four years.

Please read CVT’s statement in response to the release of the executive summary.

The executive summary describes some things we already knew: that the CIA torture program was more brutal and widespread than had been previously reported, and that the CIA intentionally misled the Congress and the Executive Branch.

The release of the executive summary is a major victory in securing transparency, reform, and accountability for the torture committed by U.S. personnel. However, substantial work remains to be done.

CVT is advocating for the release of the full CIA Torture Report, new legislative protections to ensure the CIA never uses torture as an interrogation tactic again, and accountability for those who authorized or ordered torture.

To help CVT keep the pressure, please go to our Web site and take action. You’ll find instructions on how to thank Senator Feinstein and Senator John McCain for their leadership; how to write a letter to your hometown newspapers in response to articles about the CIA Torture Report; how to share information on social media; and how to read the executive summary and other resources for yourself.



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