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From Darkness into Light: the Eclipse and Healing

Thursday, August 17, 2017

As the solar eclipse passes across the United States sky today, many of us at the Center for Victims of Torture take a moment to think about the symbolism we have long connected to this event.

CVT was founded in 1985 to provide a place for healing in the United States for refugee survivors of torture, who had reached safe shores but had nowhere to go for the rehabilitative care needed to rebuild a life after such horrific atrocities. CVT’s founders appreciated the metaphor suggested by the eclipse: a temporary period of darkness that moves slowly, but resolutely, into light. In our early days, the first version of CVT’s logo displayed the eclipse.

This image has stayed with us ever since that time, as we work alongside survivors through their healing journey, moving from the darkness of trauma into the light of recovery.

CVT’s circle logo today remains an image of the eclipse. This open graphic displays the powerful colors of the sun, suggesting the courage, strength and resilience of survivors who come through CVT’s doors to our centers around the world.

As the eclipse brings a moment of darkness to our day today in the U.S., we pause to reflect on the power of healing and the strength of survivors. We are witness every day to the returning of the light as survivors of torture restore their hope.


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