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Nobel Peace Prize Winners Urge Release of CIA Torture Report

Tuesday, October 28, 2014

Twelve Noble Peace Prize laureates wrote to President Obama urging the release of the Senate Intelligence Committee’s report on CIA torture.

They say, “The open admission by the President of the United States that the country engaged in torture is a first step in the US coming to terms with a grim chapter in its history. The subsequent release of the Senate Select Committee on Intelligence summary report will be an opportunity for the country and the world to see, in at least some detail, the extent to which their government and its representatives authorized, ordered and inflicted torture on their fellow human beings.”

The CIA Torture Report was initiated, adopted, and approved by the Intelligence Committee for public release with bipartisan support. Releasing the report also has earned widespread support, including from Vice President Joe Biden; Senator John McCain; over 150 political, national security, foreign policy, military, and religious leaders; and nearly 30 editorial boards.

The Constitution Project recently released the results of a national poll finding 69 percent of Americans believe a declassified version of the report should be released to the public.

CVT has been a longtime leading advocate for the declassification and release of the report. Without public knowledge of official policies of torture and cruelty, and an official acknowledgement of them, the door is open to the return of these abuses in the future.

Until the CIA Torture Report is made public, torture proponents use the secrecy that continues to surround the CIA’s past use of torture and cruelty to distort the facts and to rewrite history which denies their own culpability and failures in authorizing and engaging in these acts outside the law and without proper oversight or review. 

This four-minute video does a great job of providing important information about the CIA Torture Report.


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