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Visiting HQ, the “Heartbeat” of CVT

Wednesday, May 16, 2018

Maki Katoh, country director for CVT Ethiopia, visits CVT headquarters this week in St. Paul, MN.

Every time I visit CVT headquarters (HQ), I learn something new. I love working in the field in Ethiopia, but a trip to CVT headquarters reminds me of the expansiveness of our mission. It’s like the heartbeat at the center of the organization. 

Visiting HQ is also an occasion for me to reconnect with staff. In the field, I regularly meet the HQ-based staff assigned to CVT Ethiopia, but when I visit them at HQ, I am reminded that they have a multitude of responsibilities outside of my program. It’s impressive, witnessing the dedication and attention they bring to each of their programs. And it’s amazing that they constantly make me feel that the program I work on is their priority. It renews my gratitude for their commitment, talent and hard work.

Moreover, I get to meet others who are not able to visit the field often, including those who are involved in grant writing, IT support, finance, communication, etc., as well as those who are not directly connected to CVT Ethiopia but are responsible for other international and domestic programs. I so appreciate the opportunity to be a part of this dedicated team. I feel energized.

My visit this week coincides with CVT's Clinical Advisors' meeting, which gives me an opportunity to connect with clinical leaders of various international programs, and to better understand where their focuses are currently placed. I am especially excited to meet the new program coordinator assigned to the Ethiopia program; to attend some of the meetings related to risk management; and to meet with HQ-based staff for CVT Kenya to explore ways to collaborate regionally.

Ultimately, I’m looking forward to catching up with my colleagues—finding new and familiar faces—to share some of the new developments happening in Ethiopia with those who may not be directly connected to but are interested in our program. And when I return to Ethiopia, I hope to bring back all of the news from HQ, allowing my colleagues there to feel just as much a part of the global organization that is CVT.


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