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New Tactics Online Conversation: Protecting Survivors and Witnesses

Join New Tactics in Human Rights and DIGNITY for an online conversation on New Tactics Conversation on Protecting Survivors and Witnesses from April 18-22, 2016.

Protecting survivors and witnesses of human rights violations is crucial to effective human rights work. Not only is protection, in itself, an important goal, but when survivors and witnesses fear further persecution, they are unlikely to report their experiences, making redress and accountability much more difficult. The state is formally responsible for providing protection, but it is the state that is often the greatest source of perceived risk amongst witnesses and survivors. In the same way that the human rights community has opened a dialogue regarding the protection of defenders, we too must focus attention and efforts toward the protection of witnesses and survivors.

Building on the previous conversation on human rights defenders, in this conversation we discuss strategies to protect witnesses and survivors of human rights violations. Through practical experience and success stories, we will evaluate the current state of protection mechanisms, discuss challenges and explore the role of civil society in this important work. 

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Mon, Apr 18 at (All day)


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