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  • State-Sponsored Killings Rise to Record Highs

    Dr. Simon Adams was interviewed about the rise of State-sponsored killings.

    Source: Inter Press Service News Agency
    Date: 05/16/2023

  • For exiled Nicaraguans, freedom rings hollow in the U.S.

    The 222 Nicaraguans who were sent to the U.S. after being freed from prison are facing many hardships as they try to build lives in the United States. Léonce Byimana, CVT director of U.S. clinical programs, told reporter Paulina Villegas that “almost two-thirds of the former prisoners suffer from physical or mental health issues. Byimana added that while many of the dissidents are struggling with anxiety, depression and post-traumatic stress disorder, the organization has had trouble finding medical care for them.” He adds that the former prisoners are struggling to meet basic needs: “They are basically surviving.”

    Source: The Washington Post
    Date: 05/12/2023

  • Guantánamo Detainees May Start Dying if the US Does Not Act

    Yumna Rizvi, CVT policy analyst, writes about the serious lack of medical care in Guantánamo, noting “as long as any of the men remain, the government must develop and provide them with comprehensive, trauma-informed, and culturally competent treatment.”

    Source: Al Jazeera
    Date: 04/29/2023

  • The Role of Culture in Torture and its Absence in Guantanamo’s Medical Care System

    “In short, culturally competent medical care, including to the extent possible care provided by independent medical experts of the detainees’ nationalities, is needed at Guantanamo now,” writes Yumna Rizvi, CVT policy analyst, in Just Security. It is past time for the Biden administration to provide appropriate medical care to detainees.

    Source: Just Security
    Date: 04/27/2023

  • Iraqis Tortured by the U.S. in Abu Ghraib Never Got Justice

    Source: The Intercept
    Date: 03/17/2023

  • Why are families of Sept. 11 victims waiting for a legal settlement?

    Washington Director, Scott Roehm, shares information about the ongoing court proceedings at Guantánamo on NPR's Morning Edition.

    Source: NPR Morning Edition
    Date: 03/07/2023

  • Plea deal talks are in limbo for the five men accused in the 9/11 attacks

    Listen as CVT Washington Director Scott Roehm adds context to the latest court cases at Guantanamo

    Source: NPR
    Date: 03/02/2023

  • How 222 Nicaraguan former political prisoners were exiled and stripped of their nationality, but still not considered refugees

    “They came with no bag, nothing, just their clothes,” said Leonce Byimana, the Director of US Clinical Programs for the Center for Victims of Torture (CVT). “They had to rely on donated jackets when they arrived,” he added, noting it was in the 40s fahrenheit when they landed in Washington. The US government provided them with three days in a hotel where they were given $300 and a cellphone, as well as help finding a place to stay. Those with family sponsors or friends quickly left while others were placed with private organizations with programs around the country.

    Source: Univision
    Date: 02/20/2023

  • UN Rights Expert to Visit Guantanamo Detention Facility for First Time

    Scott Roehm, Washington director, is quoted regarding the upcoming visit to Guantánamo detention facility by Fionnuala Ni Aolain, the UN special rapporteur on protecting human rights and fundamental freedoms while countering terrorism. Scott notes, "It will be important for the Special Rapporteur to assess, in particular, detainees’ conditions of confinement and access to appropriate medical care—including how those issues intersect with the military commission system—given the widespread prevalence of torture and trauma among the men who remain captive at Guantanamo." 

    Source: Middle East Eye
    Date: 02/01/2023

  • Trauma Support in High Demand from Companies Amid Relentless Wave of Tragedies

    Ruth Yeo-Peterman, resilience programming trainer, is quoted by Hope King, Axios business reporter, on the importance of recognizing vicarious trauma and impacts, and steps to take for employees and self-care in the workplace after traumatic events.

    Source: Axios
    Date: 01/30/2023


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