• CVT Stands with Refugees

    CVT will continue to stand with refugees—for whom resettlement is often the only, and last, chance to reach safe haven after surviving the horrors of torture, war and displacement.

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  • CVT Launches a Call to Reject Torture Campaign

    The Center for Victims of Torture kicked off its Call to Reject Torture with a declaration signed by over 100 prominent leaders including Former Secretaries of Defense Chuck Hagel and William Cohen

    Download: PDF icon CVT17 NA NLx web.pdf
  • CVT Opens Its Doors to Survivors in Atlanta

    CVT has opened its doors in Atlanta and rebuilding the lives and restoring the hope of refugee survivors of torture through a partnership with International Rescue Committee (IRC). 

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  • Juan Mendez Receives CVT's Eclipse Award

    CVT presented its annual Eclipse Award to Juan Mendez, UN Special Rapporteur on Torture and Other Cruel, Inhuman or Degrading Treatment or Punishment.

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  • Torture Survivors Cope in Camps and Cities

    Torture survivors experience different challenges in cities and camps. But CVT’s group counseling process helps survivors cope with their torture and ongoing difficulties.  

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  • Healing in Uganda: From Capacity Building to Direct Care

    CVT started working in Uganda in 2009, training and supporting local Ugandan counselors. Now we've expanded our work to provide direct care.“We realized that some survivors needed more consistent care than was currently available,” said Suzanne Pearl, CVT program manager. “With our experience in other areas in Africa and strong relationships in the country, we were able to easily transition our work to include counseling groups in the most affected communities.”

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  • Strengthening Torture Rehabilitation Centers Around the World

    Through CVT’s Partners in Trauma Healing (PATH) Project, torture rehabilitation centers around the world have deepened their clinical skills, developed monitoring and evaluation systems and strengthened their organizations. Read how this project is expanding access to healing care for torture survivors around the world.

    Download: PDF icon 2015_August.pdf
  • Interpreting for Healing

    “Using an interpreter adds a different dynamic to counseling because another person with her own story, background and style are part of the counseling process,” said Sara Pearce, psychotherapist and trainer at our Ethiopia project. Read about the important role of interpreters in helping survivors heal.

    Download: PDF icon 2015_May.pdf
  • A Journey to Hope: Oba's Story

    "I wanted to die more than anything else in life,” said Oba. Oba is from the northern part of the Democratic Republic of Congo where tribal differences brought about war. He lost his parents and several siblings to groups of gunmen. He shared his story with Judith Twala, a psychotherapist and trainer at our Dadaab, Kenya, project where we are working in the world’s largest refugee camp.

    Download: PDF icon 2015_March.pdf
  • Restoring Hope and Childhoods

    Increasingly, our staff in Jordan is seeing children and young people who need mental health and physical therapy care to cope with their traumatic experiences. Now, more than a third of our clients in Jordan are under the age of 18. To help heal these young survivors, the counseling and physical therapy staff developed ten-week joint physical therapy/counseling groups that provide age-appropriate activities.

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