• Healing in Partnership: Collaborating to Provide Mental Health Care to Refugees

    When Tao arrived in the United States, she hoped to leave behind the violence she witnessed in her war-torn Southeast Asian country. Yet after resettlement, she was isolated and lived in fear. This newsletter shares how refugees like Tao are being helped by CVT's new Healing in Partnership project.

    Download: PDF icon CVT_Storycloth_Sept-Oct2011.pdf
  • Healing in the Dadaab Refugee Camps

    Early in 2011 CVT launched its latest project in the Dadaab refugee camps in Kenya. Read how we're helping Somalis and other refugees who have survived torture and war trauma rebuild their lives. CORRECTION: In this newsletter, we neglected to mention that CVT's work in Dadaab would not be possible without the generous support of the U.S. State Department Bureau of Population, Refugees and Migration.

    Download: PDF icon CVT_Storycloth_July-Aug2011.pdf
  • Restoring Dignity After Sexual Torture

    Sexual assault is a common form of torture, including for the survivors we work with in the United States, the Democratic Republic of Congo (DRC) and Jordan. In this newsletter you'll read what we're doing to help survivors of sexual assault.

    Download: PDF icon CVT_Storycloth_May-June2011.pdf
  • Building a Foundation for Healing in Northern Uganda

    Read how we're strengthening the local mental health services in Uganda so more men, women and children can rebuild their lives and communities.

    Download: PDF icon CVT_Storycloth_March-April2011.pdf
  • Executive Director Douglas A. Johnson Announces Resignation

    In this issue Douglas A. Johnson announces plans to leave his position as executive director. Read about Doug's accomplishments during his 23 years of service.

    Download: PDF icon CVT_Storycloth_Feb2011.pdf
  • Healing the Youngest Survivors

    Torture affects people of all ages. This issue shares how our clinicians in the U.S. and overseas heal child and youth torture survivors.

    Download: PDF icon CVT_Storycloth_Nov2010.pdf
  • CVT: A 25-Year Legacy of Hope and Healing

    This issue marks CVT’s 25 year legacy of healing. Read about our history and accomplishments.

    Download: PDF icon CVT_Storycloth_Sept2010.pdf
  • CVT Honors Survivors Around the World on June 26

    Read how CVT marked United Nations International Day in Support of Victims of Torture with events held around the world.

    Download: PDF icon CVT_Storycloth_July2010.pdf
  • Building a Healing Network in Africa

    In this issue you'll read about the powerful healing network CVT is building in Africa.

    Download: PDF icon CVT_Storycloth_May2010.pdf
  • Rebuilding Lives: Stories from Jordan, the Democratic Republic of Congo & Minnesota

    Read how CVT changed the lives of Robert, Laela, Alfred and Roseline with hope and healing.

    Download: PDF icon CVT_Storycloth_Feb2010.pdf


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