On the Eve of the NO BAN Act Mark-up, CVT Urges Support for This Important Legislation | Center for Victims of Torture

On the Eve of the NO BAN Act Mark-up, CVT Urges Support for This Important Legislation

Tuesday, February 11, 2020

ST. PAUL, Minn. & WASHINGTON — The Center for Victims of Torture™ (CVT) issued this statement as mark-up of the NO BAN Act (H.R. 2214) is set for February 12, 2020.

“This important mark-up takes place less than two weeks after the Trump administration expanded the Muslim Ban by adding six additional countries to the list. Introduced last April by Representative Judy Chu and Senator Chris Coons, if passed in its current state, the NO BAN Act would repeal each of the iterations of the Muslim Ban, the Refugee Ban and the Asylum Ban. It would prohibit discrimination based on religion and national origin and would limit the administration’s authority to issue similar discriminatory bans in the future. 

“The Center for Victims of Torture fully supports the NO BAN Act in its current state and urges all members of Congress to support H.R. 2214. This bill would create a system of checks and balances to prevent any president from banning entire groups of people from visiting and migrating to the U.S. based on their faith or national origin.

“As the president may add more countries to the already-expanded banned list, Congress must pass this bill to make clear that Members oppose, and will work to roll back, the president’s discriminatory immigration and refugee-related agendas. Let’s stand together and stand up for people seeking refuge, including the thousands of survivors of torture among them.” –Andrea Cárcamo, senior policy counsel


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