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President Trump's Refugee Admissions Cap of 18,000 is Harmful and Irrational

Friday, September 27, 2019

ST. PAUL, Minn. & WASHINGTON — The Center for Victims of TortureTM (CVT) expressed outrage at the Trump Administration’s proposal to further reduce the number of refugees to be admitted in Fiscal Year 2020 to a mere 18,000.

“It’s long been clear that the President and some of his senior advisors want to end the U.S. refugee admissions program entirely. For all but a handful of the world’s 26,000,000 refugees, this decision effectively accomplishes that goal. It’s cruel, it’s irrational, and it’s profoundly harmful in so many ways—from the astonishing number of refugee torture survivors in whose face the Administration is slamming our country’s doors to the damage it will cause to our economy and national security. Sadly, by now none of this is surprising; since the day the President took office it’s been clear that neither compassion nor reason would drive decision-making related to refugees. As we’ve said before, this is xenophobia-fueled politics, plain and simple.

“Congress is not powerless to push back. The GRACE Act would set annual refugee admissions at a minimum of 95,000—the historic average. I’m confident that many Members of Congress who have not spoken out publicly are deeply uncomfortable with, if not outright opposed to, the Administration’s senseless decision to dismantle the refugee program. It’s time for all of them to step forward; to exercise their most basic function as a co-equal branch of government and check this misuse of executive branch power by passing the GRACE Act.”

– Scott Roehm, director of the Washington, D.C. office


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