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Claude’s Story

Something changes – whatever the counseling does – it changes you.

Before I came to CVT my life was full of difficult challenges. I had problems but it was hard to know what to do or where to go. I had many challenges from my homeland of Burundi in my mind. Before CVT I felt very bad. I met people who came to CVT who told me about the service.

I had so many problems – I joined CVT.

Before CVT I was not able to control my problems; I felt my body was weak. Now I know what to do. If I have a problem, now I do exercises – it helps. Sometimes if I just do it, it helps.

I had to start all over again. I did both physiotherapy and counseling. I started to feel happy in my heart. As an example, before CVT, my body was not awake. I was not feeling well because of my past experiences in my life. Now if I find my body is not comfortable, I decide to go to the hospital.

When I joined CVT, I felt I was in my family. The problem I had was made smaller. With CVT, everything becomes more free.

My life today is somehow better. I’m in a comfortable place. I’m relieved. Something changes – whatever the counseling does – it changes you. CVT, they gave me happiness.

CVT changes people who have difficult challenges. They give people the chance to address the problems they had. For me, I addressed how I was feeling when I came here.

CVT develops the person – it changed me from the first stage to the second stage. Now I wan t to tell others so you can provide this service to people. When I meet people with problems in the community, I uplift them and then I just give some advice to join CVT in order to change their problems.

Briefly let me say: Don’t leave us.



*Name has been changed for security and confidentiality.


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