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Past Projects

We are an international nonprofit dedicated to healing survivors and ending torture worldwide. Past projects include healing initiatives after some of the world’s deadliest conflicts, training projects with partners at home and around the globe, and advocacy campaigns to end torture and cruel treatment.

Campaign to Ban Torture

This advocacy campaign united CVT with the voices of national religious leaders and those of our nation’s military and national security experts to end torture and cruel treatment by the United States in counterterrorism activities. Read more about the Campaign to Ban Torture

Democratic Republic of Congo

Our project in the DRC provided mental health care to men, women and children who were tortured during a regional war in the eastern region. Read more about our work in the DRC.


Guinea is where we began our first international project providing direct mental health services to survivors of torture and war trauma. We worked in four refugee camps providing mental health services to adult and child refugees from Sierra Leone and Liberia.  Read more about our work in Guinea

Healing in Partnership

Healing in Partnership was a research, healing and training project focused on the St. Paul communities of the Karen from Burma, the Bhutanese, the Oromo from Ethiopia and the Somalis. Read more about Healing in Partnership.

International Capacity Building Project

Through the International Capacity Building Project (ICB), we partnered with 21 torture rehabilitation centers around the world to increase their ability to provide high quality services to torture survivors.  We also collaborated with four centers to build their research and program evaluation capabilities.  Read more about the ICB project 


CVT moved from the refugee camps in Guinea to Liberia, providing community-based mental health services in Monrovia, the country’s capitol, and Bong County. Later we expanded to Lofa County, an area almost entirely depopulated during the war. Read more about our work in Liberia

Minnesota Training Projects

Our local training projects have worked with mainstream health and social service providers as well as teachers, community-based groups and refugee communities to increase understanding about the effects of torture and improve access to services for survivors. Read more about our Minnesota training projects 

Sierra Leone

CVT moved with returning refugees to provide mental health services in the Kenema district camps. We expanded care to include community-based projects in the blood diamond areas most severely affected by the war. Read more about our work in Sierra Leone

Trauma Healing Initiative-Africa

The Trauma Healing Initiative-Africa (THI-Africa) is working in eastern and central Africa to improve the quality of mental health services available to survivors of torture and war trauma. We are partnering with local professionals to build lasting healing programs in Cameroon, the Democratic Republic of Congo (DRC), Kenya and Uganda. Read more about THI-Africa

Trauma Healing Initiative-Cambodia

Through the Trauma Healing Initiative-Cambodia (THI-Cambodia), we partnered with a local psychosocial organization to build a network of health and mental health providers that could expand and improve their services to torture and war survivors. Read more about THI-Cambodia


We heal victims of torture through unique services and professional care worldwide.

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We strengthen partners who heal torture survivors and work to prevent torture.

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We advocate for the protection & care of torture survivors and an end to torture.

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