Andrea Northwood, Ph.D., LP | Center for Victims of Torture

Andrea Northwood, Ph.D., LP

Director of Client Services

Dr. Northwood has worked at the Center for Victims of Torture since 1995 in a variety of roles, including the provision of psychological services to torture and war trauma survivors, training, research, and program development and administration. Currently she oversees CVT’s domestic service programs, which consist of four different service delivery models and locations (two in St Paul, MN, one in St Cloud, MN, one in Atlanta, GA). She recently served as co-principal investigator on the first known randomized control trial of behavioral health services for refugees in a primary medical care setting. The study assessed patients’ progress (n=214; 102 care-as-usual and 112 CVT treatment) for a year and occurred on a rolling enrollment basis over five years; it found significant and sustained improvements in symptoms and functioning for clients who received CVT’s model of intensive, holistic behavioral health care (Northwood, Vukovich, Beckman, Walter, Josiah, Hudak, O’Donnell Burrows, Letts, & Danner; BMC Family Practice, 2020

Dr. Northwood has conducted research and has clinical experience in the assessment and treatment of trauma survivors. Her CVT work has also included local, national and international training assignments, including audiences such as U.S. asylum officers and the FBI Office of Victim Assistance. She received her Ph.D. in Clinical Psychology and Child Development from the University of Minnesota.


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