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Hope for Hiba

I survived the Syrian war and made a new life in Amman.

I am proud of myself but it affected me. I don’t see life colored anymore. We used to draw rainbows and the sun and the moon and flowers but now it is not the same anymore. I don’t think of it this way. Now I think of it as colorless, and I have to color it the way I want to. The sun is not as big as we used to draw it on paper.

I went to CVT. It helped on so many levels. First I got to know new people. Second, there are things I didn’t expect to find here like talking about something that I thought I could never say – like talking about the events I have in my memory. And the physiotherapy was very useful.

I gained a lot by coming here. I learned that the mind and the body are connected together. Now when memories come to my head, I can change my place, I can change my mood, exercise or change my behavior.

About the past I just want to say that “God changes the fate of no people unless they themselves show a will for change." -Quran verse

This means our situation will not change unless we change from within. Nothing will change if we haven’t changed.



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