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Mental Health Counseling

Last updated: July 19, 2023

CVT’s foundational approach to healing starts with mental health care. Mental health counseling helps survivors heal, recover and reduce symptoms negatively impacting their lives. Mental health care is a critical component of emergency response and long-term healing; that’s why we advocate for and provide mental health care to people traumatized by torture, violent conflict and additional humanitarian crises.

Clients report positive changes in their mental and physical health and a reduction in feeling isolated and alone.

Depending on the context in varying locations, CVT extends individual or group counseling. In urban clinics, reception centers or refugee camps, our clinicians conduct outreach and assessments to understand the needs of survivors, and in some locations, the needs of children who are survivors. Our individual and group counseling sessions are specially designed to meet the unique needs of people who have experienced deeply traumatic situations. Clients who receive mental health care and counseling report greater understanding of their trauma, post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD) symptoms and stress. They gain coping, grounding and self-care skills. Clients report positive changes in their mental and physical health and a reduction in feeling isolated and alone. Clients regularly refer their neighbors, friends and family members for mental health services.

Something changes – whatever the counseling does – it changes you.”

-Claude, former client from Burundi, seen at CVT Kalobeyei

Our responsive approaches have helped clinicians and clients adapt throughout many challenging situations, including the COVID-19 pandemic, active conflict and regional instability. Our trauma-informed toolbox includes PTSD coping and self-regulation practices, parenting skills, psychological first aid (PFA), and a group counseling model. Partnerships, capacity building relationships, co-creating training programs, listening to and learning from clients and practitioners worldwide, and contributing to the global conversation around mental health counseling has given us an international reputation. CVT knows what it takes to help survivors heal, and we are always evolving to meet those needs.