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Healing Care

Last updated: July 19, 2023
Healing Care at CVT

The effects of torture are profound and long-lasting, and survivors are left with physical symptoms and psychological wounds that make it difficult to care for themselves or their loved ones, and to participate in their communities.

CVT’s holistic approach to healing, which includes physical and psychological treatment, social services, and community connections, empowers survivors to rebuild their lives and overcome the trauma they have experienced.

Mental Health Counseling

CVT’s foundational approach to healing starts with mental health care.


CVT has created a trauma-focused, integrated physiotherapy approach to help survivors heal from their wounds and regain independence.

Group Counseling

We use this model in ten-week group counseling sessions for adults, and we use adapted models in some locations for children of different ages

Social Work

Our social work is fully integrated with our physiotherapy and mental health counseling services and fills a variety of beneficial roles.