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Last updated: July 19, 2023

CVT has created a trauma-focused, integrated physiotherapy approach to help survivors heal from their wounds and regain independence. CVT offers physiotherapy in many of its program locations, meeting the needs of refugees and asylum seekers who have been impacted by torture and trauma, including sexual and gender-based violence, and violence against members of the LGBTQI community.

Our physiotherapists have literally written the manuals on how to serve our specific client populations well, transforming typical physiotherapy approaches into trauma-informed care. We consider mental health as well as physiotherapy techniques, adapt clinical assessment tools so they work within different languages and cultures, and utilize a trauma-sensitive design in our physiotherapy settings.

That is what is most awesome about CVT: people reconnecting with their bodies. I’ve heard others say we put the soul back into the body.”

-Jepkemoi Kibet, clinical advisor for physiotherapy

Clients participate in 10-week group cycles and individual sessions. Our team continues to support their healing through an engaged follow-up process. Our clients’ mental and physical injuries begin to heal, and they gain strength, body awareness and mobility with the help of physiotherapy. Clients become able to perform activities of daily living with more ease. Our clinicians measure their pain and discomfort levels, noting that most clients’ levels get consistently lower. Clients learn how to manage pain and maintain strength through the exercises, nervous system regulation tools and pain management skills we teach. We regularly see our clients gain independence, self-awareness and a higher quality of life through their integrative physiotherapy experiences.