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Last updated: August 18, 2023

You are not alone.

Many people have been hurt by armies, clans, gangs and people from the government. Sometimes these events can cause physical and emotional pain or problems for many years.

If you have had harmful things done to you during armed conflict or by government officials, you may:

  • Have bad dreams at night or have trouble sleeping
  • Be afraid or nervous
  • Feel very sad or angry or without hope
  • Be forgetful or not able to pay attention
  • Feel as if you cannot control your thoughts and memories
  • Be losing or gaining weight
  • Have headaches, stomach aches or problems eating
  • Feel like no one understands you or that your life was stolen from you

These are just some problems torture survivors experience. There are many other ways torture changes people. If you are a survivor of torture and have any of these problems – or any other related problems – you can get help.

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If you are a refugee or asylum seeker living in the U.S. and need care, see rehabilitative centers here.

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