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Kamal Khalifa
Physiotherapist/Trainer , Physiotherapy, Jordan

Kamal Khalifa has held the role of physiotherapist/trainer at the Center for Victims of Torture since 2021, after working at CVT as a senior physiotherapist and associate physiotherapist trainer. As a physiotherapist/trainer, he has responsibility for development of core competencies in the areas of clinical leadership, supervision and training for the physiotherapy team and wider interdisciplinary team, including orientation, coaching, mentoring and development of staff members. Kamal works to design and carry out regular training programs for physiotherapists and the interdisciplinary team, as well as external trainings and/or staff support programs for local decision-makers, community members, community-based organizations (CBOs), local and international nongovernmental organizations (NGOs) and government/ministry staff.

Kamal received his Bachelor’s degree in physiotherapy from the University of Jordan in 2007. He worked for five years in a private pain clinic center to provide physiotherapy services for different types of cases of orthopedic, neurological, pediatric and cardiopulmonary cases. He is based in Amman, Jordan.