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Ayaa’s Story

Client seen at CVT Uganda
A woman stands in a golden field, arms partially raised.

I got to know CVT when they came for sensitization education here in town. CVT told us they came to give counseling to the people who had challenges they faced during the LRA war here in Uganda. At that time, I had a lot of worries and nightmares. I realized that what CVT was talking about was what I went through in the war.

I decided to come and get support. When I just started with CVT and they asked about difficult things from my past, I had a lot of fear. Before CVT, I had nightmares and fears; I didn’t like socializing with people. Wherever I went, I had a lot of worries and sadness.

I thought there is no need for me. I’m worthless. I should not continue living.

But I came to CVT’s sessions. Even when it was difficult in the sessions, I still persisted. I came. I opened my heart. I told the difficult things I went through because I felt supported.

CVT makes you feel important. It helps you begin to see yourself as important.”

Now I have had a lot of changes. For me, the nightmares I had – dreams of running, running in the forest – they are no longer there. Even the fear of socializing is gone. And I was so angry – I had a lot of anger in me. But now I find I’m no longer that angry and aggressive person.

Today my life is quite different. My life is easier. My life is really okay.

What I love about CVT is the way they communicate to us. They have a way of talking to us – even with the deep things that you never shared before, they are calm. They hear you. They give you hope.

CVT makes you feel important. It helps you begin to see yourself as important.

There are still many who need service. I wish they could see those of us who already came to CVT, who were supported, and see that we are now better off. I wish they could come, open their hearts and get support. I want to encourage them to come there are so many who need help.

This counseling should not stop with us.

*Name has been changed for security and confidentiality purposes.

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