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Nermeen Abu Abaileh
Clinic Systems and Training Manager , International Services, Jordan

Nermeen Abu Abaileh is an experienced clinic systems and training manager, currently based in Jordan. With a keen focus on administrative support, coordination and training, Nermeen plays a vital role in supporting the direct services team at the Jordan office. Nermeen has accumulated a wealth of experience working within various international non-governmental organizations. Over the course of her career, she has spent five years in project management and coordination at the Foundation for Promotion of Social Culture and War Child UK. During this time, Nermeen worked tirelessly to respond to the mental and physical health needs of refugees, both directly and indirectly.

Thanks to her years of experience, Nermeen has developed a keen proficiency in the preparation, development and execution of various types of protocols, work plans, systems and policies concerning traumatized refugees and war survivors.

Nermeen’s academic qualifications are equally impressive. She holds a Bachelor’s degree in Physiotherapy and a Master’s degree in Public Health, both with honors. Overall, Nermeen Abu Abaileh is a highly dedicated and experienced professional who has made an enormous contribution to her field. With her skills, expertise and passion for helping others, she continues to play a critical role in improving the lives of those in need.