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Zungkat Dangkat Bentu
Psychotherapist / Trainer , Clinical Services, CVT Ethiopia

Dangkat Bentu is a clinical psychologist currently serving as a psychotherapist / trainer in Debark, Ethiopia. Bentu is well experienced on adapting and using evidence-based clinical psychotherapeutic approaches and intervention models for supporting persons with or in psychosocial traumatic crisis and distress. Bentu is passionate in using acquired mental health and psychosocial support (MHPSS)/Protection expertise to efficiently provide effective psychotherapeutic techniques and strategies for people, especially internally displaced persons (IDPs), refugees and special populations like trauma survivors and victims of torture and prisoners, amongst many others.

Aside his client psychotherapeutic and counseling skills, Bentu is well experienced in project development, coordination, implementation and management. These skills were developed and sharpened while living the privilege of working in the public sector (Federal Nuero Psychiatric Hospital, Kware, Sokoto Nigeria) as well as humanitarian organizations including MSF (Doctors Without Borders), NEEM FOUNDATION, ALIMA, PUI and currently CVT, operating emergency and developmental programs in Nigeria and abroad. Bentu began his service experience in 2015 and holds a BSc in Psychology, MSc in Clinical psychology as well as a Master’s (MDM) in Disaster risk management. As a person, Bentu is open minded and sociable, with great curiosity for learning about things, people and cultures, with a personal belief that the most important things in life are free. When not in the field, he is in Jos, Plateau, Nigeria volunteering as a counselor in the psychological service center of his alma mater University, the University of Jos, Plateau State Nigeria.