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CVT's Client Assessment Form

CVT has developed a standard client assessment form that is used across our international programs; for each program location, the form is tailored to the local context and translated into one or several other languages for the ease of the counselors and clients. In the first meetings of the counselor and the client, the counselor uses the assessment form as a guide to gain a comprehensive picture of the client. Sections of the intake assessment include: Demographics, Economics, Relationships, Physical Health, Knowledge & Attitudes about Mental Health & Trauma, Migration History, Traumatic Experiences, Treatment Plan Preparation, and assessing the client’s symptoms in the areas of physical or somatic symptoms, anxiety, depression, post-traumatic stress and behavioral functioning problems. After the intake assessment, the client begins CVT treatment, most often ten weeks of group therapy. At the end of these ten weeks, the client and the counselor together complete a follow-up assessment, which includes discussing the levels of the client’s symptoms as well as any perceived impact of CVT treatment. While most clients stop receiving treatment at this point, follow-up assessments are additionally completed three months and nine months later, which helps maintain a supportive connection to CVT and allows the counselor to keep tabs on the client’s symptom levels. Over many years and across program locations, overwhelmingly most clients show significant and sustained improvement in their symptoms after receiving CVT treatment. 


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