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Group ask Georgians to Vote for Mental Health

Published October 25, 2022

Darlene Lynch was interviewed by Rebecca Grapevine for the Capitol Beat News Service about the need for mental health services for all Georgians. Grapevine wrote in the Georgia Sun: “Darlene Lynch, head of external relations for the Center for Victims of Torture in Atlanta, said that more culturally and linguistically accessible care is needed to meet the needs of the one-in-10 foreign-born Georgians.

‘Because of the cultural and linguistic barriers, the lack of access in our state … compared to the other top 10 most diverse states in the nation, we lag behind” in providing care to such immigrants, Lynch said. She suggested creating a special division in the state government to focus on providing linguistically and culturally sensitive care.”


Group ask Georgians to Vote for Mental Health


The Georgia Sun

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