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Fawn Bernhardt-Norvell
Director of Development

Fawn has served as director of development for several nonprofits including Hennepin Theatre Trust, Jeremiah Program and Wellstone Action. She helped found Wellstone Action, a legacy organization created to continue and honor the work of the late Senator Paul Wellstone, where she also served as deputy executive director until her departure in 2012. Fawn began her fundraising career in 1994 as the assistant finance director of the Wellstone Alliance and eventually became the deputy finance director on Senator Wellstone’s 2002 senate race. Her first non-profit development position was at Center for Victims of Torture from 1996 – 2001.

Fawn has served on the Minnesota based boards of Growth & Justice, National Parks of Lake Superior Foundation and Project Success. These days her board service is proudly serving on the parent booster club of the South Minneapolis Squall Ultimate Frisbee team – 2023 state champions!