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Joyce's Story

Client at CVT Uganda

I learned about CVT because they came to the community here in Uganda and said they were opening a center to do counseling for those who were tortured in the LRA war. They said if you’ve undergone torture or they forced you to do terrible things, you should come. The things they talked about were all things that I went through. So I came to CVT.

I didn’t have someone to support me then. But because CVT was coming, I thought I’d get better. They really created a humble environment for us – they gave us the room to share and to cry. This made me feel relieved.

CVT made me realize you as a person are important.”

There have been so many changes in my life since CVT I can’t even mention them all. When I first came I used to cry all the time. I had two family members who were killed while I was right there. I kept crying and worrying. I kept imagining their deaths.

After counseling, I realized it’s not only me – there were others who had similar problems. Counseling helped me to be strong and to understand my problems.

Before coming to CVT, I could not imagine that someone could have all these problems but then go on to a good situation. It helped me. Now when I’m going through difficulties, I know that this is part of life. The good times are also part of life. I learned this through counseling. CVT works hard to see that people have healing in their hearts.

CVT made me realize you as a person are important.

For those who’ve also gone through difficult times, I hope they know they can get help by coming. I want them to know:

You’re still a human being.
Have love.
Feel that you are also being loved.

Name has been changed for security and confidentiality.

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