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Mirem's Story

Client seen at CVT Uganda
Art of an African river, surrounded by local wildlife.

From what had happened in my life, I had a lot of intrusive memories, memories of what happened in the war here in Northern Uganda. I got to know CVT at a gathering – counselors came to talk to us; they did a sensitization. They said they wanted people to have counseling sessions, and said those who were interested should come.

I wanted to get rid of those thoughts, those intrusive memories. I always remember one thing they said to me about what I was feeling: “That should not be your life. We have a way out of that situation.”

So I came and did the forms and then came for sessions. One session was so good – it changed my life: it’s called the River of Life. They said life goes like a river – there are difficult times and smooth times when it flows. They said to put a stone on the river for the difficult times, and put a flower when it’s smooth. This touched me so much.

I realized my life was not useless.”

After coming to CVT, now I feel that if I have difficulties, I have ways to take care of myself. For example, if I have trouble breathing when I’m working in the garden, I know what to do.

I was a person who had a lot of anger. I felt angry all the time. When something happened, I hung onto it – I would keep a close hold of it. But after sessions I let go of it.

I let go of the hurt I have because I realize this is not my future. This is not my life.

My life has changed. Right now I love people. I like to stay around people. I socialize. I can talk to someone who is feeling sad. I listen and help them with their problems. I find I am able to impact people’s lives.

From the first session I realized the sessions worked to change me. I realized my life was not useless.

If you’re undergoing a difficult situation, I want you to know you are able to overcome this. I wish others could come to get the same kind of care – to know what can be changed. To know this is not the end of the world.

You are still capable of living a better life.

Name has been changed for security and confidentiality purposes.

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