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Nia's Story

Client seen at CVT Kenya-Kalobeyei

Before my life was very, very bad because all my family have died. Some were killed from the war in South Sudan. Some died from disease. I had a very sad mood and thought to myself, “Why have my people died?” When I thought about how I’m here in the camp alone, I thought it would be better for me to die – to get away from this pain, I should die.

First when I came to Kenya from South Sudan, no one advised me or encouraged me. I was very sick at that time. But when I came to CVT and got counseling, all negativity was relieved. And for my body I got physiotherapy and gained strength.

All the disturbing thoughts have gone far away. Now I am with friends and neighbors – I’m attracting them to me, while before I was just lonely.

I first heard about CVT when someone said they were giving counseling for stress and helping people to interact with other people. Because I had such negative thoughts, I wondered, “Is it possible they can help me?” I wanted help to lose stress and thought if they can remove these negative thoughts, it will help. Immediately I went and got service at CVT.

Now I don’t have thoughts to end my life.”

Now I have had changes in my body and in my life. Before CVT my body was very frail – when I got physiotherapy I gained strength. This and counseling helped get rid of the negative thoughts I had. They’re gone.

Before when I was still having negative thoughts, I didn’t sleep the whole night – maybe for one hour and a half. Then I came to CVT, and now I sleep as much as I want. Now if I feel sick I go to the hospital and get medicine and feel better. Before, even though I took the medicine, it didn’t help.

Now I don’t have thoughts to end my life.

I feel that CVT gives you hope to concentrate on your future. CVT helped me beyond even the way my mother was helping me or my father. CVT has done something so good in my life, and it’s very important.

I think CVT is where you can find your happiness and get your future. This work is very important for all people, not me alone.

CVT is good for our future, good for our life.

*Name has been changed for security and confidentiality.

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