Prevention. Protection. Rehabilitation. Accountability. | Center for Victims of Torture

Prevention. Protection. Rehabilitation. Accountability.

CVT Advocates to Heal the Wounds of Torture and Stop Torture Worldwide

Asylum & Refugee 

CVT seeks to ensure that the United States offers safe haven to refugees fleeing persecution.

Confronting the Legacy of U.S. Torture

CVT promotes truth, reform, accountability and redress for torture committed by the United States post-9/11 and seeks to end indefinite detention at Guantanamo Bay.


U.S. Police-Inflicted Brutality, Criminal Legal System Reform

With community partners, CVT supports reform and public safety initiatives that put community first.

New Tactics in Human Rights

CVT helps human rights defenders around the world work more effectively.



Transitional Justice Initiative

CVT advocates for integrating mental health and psychosocial support principles into transitional justice efforts to ensure survivor- and victim-centered approaches.







We heal victims of torture through unique services and professional care worldwide.

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We strengthen partners who heal torture survivors and work to prevent torture.

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We advocate for the protection & care of torture survivors and an end to torture.

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