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Arman Project

Last updated: February 1, 2024

Arman is the name of CVT’s project serving Afghan refugees who live in Clarkston, Georgia. The clinical team chose the name “Arman” because it means “hope” in Dari and Pashto, the two primary languages spoken by the Afghan community we serve in Georgia. We appreciate that the word “Arman” is meaningful and carries significant emotional and cultural weight with the Afghan community. Arman, or hope, conveys the essence of what we hope to deliver for Afghans who recently made it to the United States. It reflects our commitment to restoring hope and confidence and offering our beneficiaries optimism for a brighter future.

Who Are We?
The dedicated team of professionals on the Arman team have a deep understanding of the challenges facing newly-arrived members of the Afghan community, and we are committed to serving our clients with respect and dignity to promote healing, resilience and social integration. We provide individual, group and family healing services.

Whom We Serve
The Arman project serves Afghan individuals and families who have recently resettled in the United States. We understand and respect the distinct needs of our clients, and our commitment is to offer services that are precisely aligned with those needs. We serve eligible Afghans of all backgrounds, race, language, gender, age, religion and ethnicity.

We understand and respect the distinct needs of our clients, and our commitment is to offer services that are precisely aligned with those needs.”

Culture and Language
We provide culturally and linguistically appropriate services to our clients, offered in both Dari and Pashto. We incorporate cultural competence into every aspect of our services, ensuring that clients feel comfortable and understood as they work toward rebuilding their lives in the United States.


CVT’s Arman team is made up of caring therapists who understand the challenges that immigrants and refugees, including Afghans in the United States, may face. Our therapists can assist clients in dealing with issues like difficulties with sleeping, fear, everyday stress and more. We strive to support clients on their journey to finding health and peace in their new home in Georgia.

Medical Care
Our program offers limited medical care supported by Dari and Pashto interpretation to ensure clients understand all that is happening. Our compassionate medical doctor is dedicated to providing health education and support for clients’ well-being.

Social Work Services
Adapting to a new society can be challenging. Through our case management services, we work closely with clients to provide essential support in areas such as housing, employment, access to education and social services. By addressing these practical needs, we empower clients to build a foundation for a more secure and self-reliant future.

Training and Outreach
The Arman team is also able to provide trainings to community members and organizations on various topics such as best practices for working with Afghans, trauma-informed care, secondary trauma and much more.

Contact Us
If you, or someone you know in Georgia, is a new Afghan arrival seeking support, healing and empowerment, CVT’s Arman team is here for you. We offer a caring hand and a compassionate heart. Together, we can work towards a brighter future.

Phone: 762-217-6980
Email: Dawood Azeemy, dazeemy@cvt.org