Logo for the Center for Victims of Torture

St. Cloud, Minnesota

Last updated: July 19, 2023

Our goal is to help you and your family recover from physical and psychological trauma caused by torture and trauma from violent conflict. We believe that survivors of torture and trauma can recover from the difficult experiences that they have suffered, that they are capable of rebuilding their lives, and that they often go on to thrive.

Our professional staff has extensive training and experience working with survivors of torture and their families. We believe that an active partnership between you and our staff leads to your recovery.

CVT St. Cloud extends culturally-competent rehabilitative care to refugees and asylum seekers, incorporating specialized care that is most effective for survivors of atrocities who have fled their countries to the U.S. in search of safety and a new beginning.

CVT St. Cloud uses a holistic model of care that incorporates psychotherapy, community education and professional interpretation to address the unique needs of clients in a safe therapeutic space.

We Offer

  • Confidential Services
    We adhere to strict professional standards. Your privacy will be preserved.
  • Comprehensive Care
    Our team of psychotherapists and community educators and interpreters provide individualized comprehensive care.
  • Based on Need, Not Ability to Pay
    We do not turn clients away if they cannot pay for services.
  • Transportation Support
    In most cases we can help to schedule with medical transportations for your next visit.

Our Services

Community Education
Community educators offer parenting classes in a variety of locations to help parents learn about parenting in America. Parenting classes teach new tools, including positive discipline and knowledge of your rights as parents. We also provide information about U.S. society and culture, local community resources (including schools and jobs), immigration status, tools for bringing your family together, establishing life in a new community, and planning for the future. We also provide psychoeducation.

With your permission, we may refer you to other agencies in the community who can help with special needs or problems.

For trauma rehabilitation in St. Cloud, Minnesota, contact us at: 320-217-5052
Please call between 9 am and 5 pm, Monday – Friday