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Donation of Goods

Thank you so much for your generosity! Your donations are so appreciated by CVT and the clients we serve.

Prior to donating goods, please contact Donor Services at 612-436-4808 or giving [at]

Organize a Collection for Torture Survivors

Organize in your place of worship, with classmates, friends, or family to make a meaningful contribution to the torture survivors who seek help at CVT. This type of contribution can be made in various ways, such as holding a special collection once a year or asking that donations be made in lieu of birthday or anniversary gifts. College students have also held events on campus to talk about CVT’s work and collect donations. Volunteering in this way is perfect for groups looking for a way to support CVT together!

Donate In-Kind Gifts for Torture Survivors



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We strengthen partners who heal torture survivors and work to prevent torture.

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We advocate for the protection & care of torture survivors and an end to torture.

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