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Torture: CVT Staff Sounds Off!

We know it. "Torture" is a loaded word.

It conveys startling images and provokes startled reactions. People often want to avoid thinking or talking about it.

That's why it can be difficult for CVT staff to tell others where we work. "Torture" is right there in the name, and we don't always know how it's going to be received.

But the word "torture" also conveys the brutality of what CVT clients have endured, and in many cases, overcame. It expresses the severity of a worldwide crisis that's continuing to destroy individual lives and entire communities.

We shouldn't have to avoid saying "torture" simply because it makes us feel bad, or might make others uncomfortable. In fact, coming to terms with the word and getting past any discomfort it causes is a crucial first step in combating a scourge that isn't discussed nearly as much, or as widely, as it should be.

So take that first step. Speak up. 

Join the staff at CVT as we work to confront an uncomfortable truth, that torture exists, and toward a better future--one in which torture is eradicated. 


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