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CVT Staff Stories

CVT staff are from countries all over the world, and they work in our locations on three continents. With expertise in disciplines running from psychotherapy, physiotherapy, social work, research, fundraising, logistics to administration and more, CVT staff are dedicated to the healing of those who have survived torture. Here are some of their stories:

Shorouq Abadi, senior psychosocial counselor, CVT Jordan - Working Amid Difficult Stories

Yacob Abreha, psychosocial counselor, CVT Ethiopia - Helping Others in the Midst of Hard Times

Noor Abuljood, senior psychosocial counselor, CVT Jordan - Clients are Always the Priority

Ansam Abusabha, senior physiotherapist, CVT Jordan - Bringing Back Happy Moments

Ansam Abusabha - Making a Difference

Ansam Abusabha - Seeing Positive Change for Clients Brings Change for Everyone

Kahin Adam, MPH, MSW, LGSW, Somali community educator and psychotherapist, CVT St. Cloud - Engaging the Wider Community in Healing

Islam Al-Aqeel, psychotherapist/trainer, CVT Syrian Survivors of Torture InitiativeStations of Healing in the Middle East

Islam Al-Aqeel, senior psychosocial counselor, CVT Jordan - Turning the Lights Back on for Torture Survivors

Maisoon Al-Bukhari, senior physiotherapist, CVT Jordan - Helping Torture Survivors with Fear as Well as Pain

Farah Al-Dweik, senior physiotherapist, CVT Jordan – My Hidden World

Farah Al-Dweik - Out of the Shell

Farah Al-Dweik - The Red Hat

Medhanye Alem, counselor, CVT Ethiopia - Helping Clients Come 'Back to the World of the Living'

Yusra Al-Kailani, CVT psychotherapist and resilience programming trainer - We Must Not Forget Survivors of Torture During the Pandemic

Noor Abdullah Al-Sagher, senior psychosocial counselor, CVT Jordan – Involving the Whole Family in Healing

Noor Al-Sagher, psychologist, CVT Jordan - My Bubble

Noor Al-Sagher, tele-mental health therapist/trainer, Survivor of Torture Initiative - Supporting a Return to Life after Sexual Torture

Malak Al-Sarisi, senior psychosocial counselor, CVT Jordan - It's All about Empowerment

Ahmad Al-Shouly, social services coordinator, CVT Jordan - Key Social Services for Survivors of Torture

Ahmad Al-Shouly, social services manager, CVT Jordan - A Glimpse of Hope: The Impact of Social Services at CVT Jordan

Eman Al-Shuaibi, Ph.D., psychosocial counselor, CVT Jordan - Giving Something Extra for Survivors

Ahmad Al-Taj, physiotherapist, CVT Jordan: Normalizing Breathing and Healing Through Physiotherapy

Randa Peter Anthony, rehabilitation assistant, CVT Kalobeyei - Overcoming Fear and Finding a Future

Moath Asfoor, outreach and partnership manager, CVT Jordan - CVT Jordan: Important Work for Our Country

Mohammad Atieh, physiotherapist, CVT Jordan - Helping Bring Change to Families and Society

Walaa Awwad, senior physiotherapist, CVT Jordan - Heal and You Will be Healed

Alison Beckman, MSW, LICSW, senior clinician for external relations - Free to Go; Free to Make Choices –Getting One Step Closer to a Humane Asylum System

Fawn Bernhardt-Norvell, director of development, CVT St. Paul - A Stop on the Train

Fawn Bernhardt-Norvell - My Life is a River

Mohamad Bny Salameh, Ph.D., psychotherapist/trainer, CVT Jordan - Care for One Client Helps Many More find Healing

Andrea Cárcamo-Cavazos, senior policy counsel Annunciation House: A Welcoming Oasis in a Hostile Climate

Andrea Cárcamo-Cavazos - CVT at the Southern Border

Andrea Cárcamo-Cavazos - CBP Cannot Act as Both Captor and Confidant

Andrea Cárcamo-Cavazos - Congress Should Reject the "End the Shutdown and Secure the Border Act"

Andrea Cárcamo-Cavazos - As Pride Month Concludes, Consider LGBTQ+ Immigrants Suffering in U.S. Custody

Andrea Cárcamo-Cavazos - “The Walking Dead” Is Not Fiction in Central America

Winnie Chao, physiotherapist, CVT Kalobeyei -  We Say “This is Not the End”

Jeniffer Chepkemoi, physiotherapy supervisor, CVT Nairobi - Changing Perceptions about Pain Through Physiotherapy

Justine Chepngetich, physiotherapist, CVT Kakuma - Finding "Furaha" (Happiness) at CVT Kakuma

Amrita Chudasama, psychosocial counselor, CVT Nairobi: Seeing Hope in Clients’ Strength

Laura de Rosier, major gifts and events associate, CVT St. Paul - What Happened at SAFE: A Community Exchange on Sexual Assault

Pete Dross, director of external relations, CVT St. Paul - Reflections from North Carolina: More on the CIA's Sordid Past

Alyce Eaton, research coordinator, CVT Saint Paul - At CVT, Interpreter Relationships Are Key

Collins Echesa, physiotherapist, CVT Nairobi - Creating a Safe Space for the LGBTI Community in Nairobi

Liyam Eloul, clinical advisor for mental health - CVT Ethiopia’s Team in Tigray Carries on Difficult Work during Ongoing Conflict

Liyam Eloul - Strengthening the PATH: Tree of Life in Zimbabwe

Yohannes Asmelash Embaye, psychosocial counselor, CVT Ethiopia - Encouraging Refugees to Come to CVT for Care

Dawit Ermias, psychosocial counselor, CVT Ethiopia - Children Survivors – Encouraging Healing in the Very Young

Sarah Farah, field coordinator, CVT Dadaab - The Lives of Women in Dadaab

Fatimah (a pseudonym), psychosocial counselor, CVT Ethiopia - Lessons for Healing Also Help the Healer

Mussie Abel Fissehaye, psychosocial counselor, CVT Ethiopia - Joy is Key for Healing Children

Frezgi Gebrekristos, counselor, CVT Ethiopia - The Cycle of Healing for Survivors of Torture

Edna Gicovi, psychosocial counselor, CVT Nairobi - “Inside, we’re deeply wounded” – Friendship and Healing for Congolese and Burundian Girls

Edna Gicovi - "Creating New Meaning After Loss"

Edna Gicovi - “CVT Nairobi Continues to Support its Clients in the Midst of the COVID-19 Pandemic

Berihu Hadgu, counselor, CVT Ethiopia - Leaving Isolation at Home – Helping Survivors Heal

Lina Hasan, associate psychotherapist/trainer, CVT Jordan - Seeing Clients Change is Motivating for Counselors

Amal Hassan, Somali community liaison, St. Paul Healing Center - Refugees Share Common Values with Americans, As Americans

Amal Hassan - Supporting Mothers in St. Cloud, MN

Wahba Hassanein, Ph.D., psychotherapist /trainer, Bol Buony, counseling supervisor, and Tet Puok, counseling supervisor, CVT Ethiopia-Gambella - Whoever Saves One Life Saves the World Entire

Wahba Hassanein, Ph.D., psychotherapist/trainer, and Tet Puok Duel, counseling supervisor, CVT Ethiopia-Gambella - CVT as Mental Health Ambassadors on World Mental Health Day

Hani Hattab, technical support & IT specialist, CVT Jordan - A Voice from IT: The Importance of Meaningful Work

Miriam Hauser, MSW, LGSW, social worker, CVT Saint Paul - Ask a Social Worker: CVT's Miriam Hauser on Working with Clients

Justin Hett, clinical advisor for mental health, CVT Jordan: Sexualized Violence Against Men and Boys in the Context of the Syria Crisis: Do we Know Enough?

Mariam Hudaib, junior trainer, New Tactics MENA - Bringing the World of Gaming to Human Rights Activism

Leora Hudak, MSW, LICSW, psychotherapist, CVT Saint Paul - At CVT, Interpreter Relationships Are Key

Habiba Huka, counseling supervisor, CVT Nairobi - Instilling Hope During the COVID-19 Pandemic Through Tele-Counseling

Areej Ibrahim, physiotherapist, CVT Jordan - Integrated Care for Children Brings Great Progress

Adaobi Iheduru, Psy.D., LP, clinic manager and psychologist, CVT Georgia - CVT Georgia: Caring for Refugees and Asylum Seekers during Challenging Times

Jack Indusa, logistics officer, CVT Nairobi - The Logistics of Helping to Change Lives

Shorouq Jabari, physiotherapist, CVT Jordan - Physiotherapy Helps Individuals and Communities

Mohamed Jelani, psychosocial counselor, CVT Ethiopia - Knowledge of Culture as Part of Healing

Ruvina Jeremano, psychosocial counselor, CVT Kalobeyei - At CVT, We Make it Work

Aregawi Kahsay, administration/HR officer, CVT Ethiopia - Working as Part of a Team to Help Survivors of Torture

Michael Kamau, psychotherapist/trainer, CVT Kakuma - Taking a Trauma-Informed Approach to Peace Building

Abbey Kanzer, psychotherapist and trainer, St. Paul Healing Center - Torture Survivors Rebuilding Lives Despite Unknown Futures

Tesfanesh Kassaye, counseling supervisor, CVT Ethiopia-Tigray - The Importance of World Mental Health Day, Every Day 

Maki Katoh, country director for CVT Ethiopia - Visiting HQ, the 'Heartbeat' of CVT

Aderajew Keleb, counselor, CVT Ethiopia - CVT Ethiopia Commemorates 26 June in Tigray

Henock Tesfa Keno, administration/finance manager, CVT Ethiopia - Everyone at CVT Impacts the Lives of Survivors

Nimo Khalif, administrative/HR officer, CVT Nairobi: A Focus on the Human Side of Human Resources

Jepkemoi Kibet, physiotherapist/trainer, CVT Nairobi - Helping Physiotherapists Examine the Ways Torture Survivors Think About Pain

Jepkemoi Kibet - Helping Women Reconnect to Their Bodies After Torture

Jepkemoi Kibet -When Physical Therapists From Across the Globe Unite

Esayas Kiflom, program evaluation officer, CVT Ethiopia - The Numbers Tell Torture Survivors' Stories of Healing

Mary Kittakah, associate psychotherapist/trainer, CVT Kenya - Retreat Provides a Break from the Stress of Refugee Camp Life 

Julie Krause, expert psychotherapist/trainer, CVT Ethiopia - Mandalas for Inspiration and Healing at CVT Ethiopia

Tarek Lamouchi, Tunisia New Tactics field & training development officer - New Attitudes and New Tactics Create Real Change in Tunisia

Ben Lakony, counseling supervisor, CVT Uganda-  Progress for Northern Uganda, Progress for Clients and Staff

Veronica Laveta, clinical advisor for mental health, CVT Jordan - Jordan Counseling Series, a multi-part series covering a 10-week counseling cycle at CVT Jordan.

Francis Lokong, monitoring & evaluation officer, CVT Uganda - I Could See the Healing as it Happened

Teresa Longole, psychosocial counselor, CVT Kalobeyei - Helping Clients Step into the Light of Healing

Gladwell Lugusa, physiotherapist, CVT Nairobi - Client-Focused Healing Through Physiotherapy

Laurel Lunn, Ph.D., research associate, CVT Saint Paul - Striving for a Healed and Empowered Society in Zimbabwe 

Darlene Lynch, head of external relations, CVT Georgia - America is Better Than This: Everyday Georgians Stand Up for Refugees

Darlene Lynch Children in Chains: Advocating for Change in Georgia

Darlene Lynch Georgia Sends a Surprising Message: A February Valentine to Immigrants and Refugees

Darlene Lynch - Remembering a Young Torture Survivor on the Declaration’s 70th Anniversary

Teresia Macharia, psychosocial counselor, CVT Nairobi - One Person's Healing Can Help Many Others, Even Babies

Ayman Malhis, digital media coordinator, New Tactics MENA - CVT at RightsCon, a Premier Gathering for Activists

Stanley Malonza, physiotherapy supervisor, CVT Kakuma - Life is a Gift

Gabriele Marini, psychotherapist/trainer, CVT Uganda - An Anniversary: Reflections after Ten Years of Healing in Uganda

Gabriele Marini, psychotherapist/field representative, CVT Uganda - Why Do We Do Counseling?

Elizabeth Mbatha Muli, MSc, psychotherapist/trainer, CVT Nairobi - From Trauma to Hope: Extending Care to Refugees in Nairobi

Elizabeth Mbatha Muli - Helping a Teenage Girl Heal After Abduction and Escape

Luca Modenesiclinical advisor for mental health,CVT Jordan - Meeting Clients Where They Live

Luca Modenesiclinical advisor for mental health,CVT Jordan - "You Work Where?" How I Describe Working for the Center for Victims of Torture

Luca Modenesi, psychotherapist/trainer, CVT Jordan - The Power of Empathy – Working With Those Who Have Suffered the Worst

Habiba Mohamed, psychosocial counselor, CVT Nairobi - Helping Survivors Realize All They Can Do for Themselves

Rosina Mruttu, psychotherapist/trainer, CVT Nairobi:  Healing: Change and Progress After Trauma

Lucien Mulenga, community worker, CVT Kalobeyei - Good Work does Good Things in the Kalobeyei Settlement

Hana Mustafa, senior physiotherapist, CVT Jordan - Taking Extra Steps to Care for Survivors, Including Children

Raymond Mwaura, psychosocial counselor, CVT Nairobi - Healing Today can Help Stop Violence Tomorrow

Nancy Mwikali, counseling supervisor, CVT Nairobi - Providing Counseling and a Place Where Someone Cares

Andrea Northwood, Ph.D., LP, client services director, CVT St. Paul - The Human Face of the Torturer

Miriam Okello, finance controller, CVT Nairobi - Finance Work Keeps CVT Nairobi Running Smoothly

Biro Okwory Ongom, psychosocial counselor, CVT Kalobeyei - Working to Restore Dignity and Hope

Job Onyango, psychotherapist/trainer, CVT Ethiopia - Extending Rehabilitative Care to the Youngest Survivors of Torture and War Atrocities

Claire O'Reilly, physiotherapist and trainer, CVT Jordan, and Liyam Eloul, clinical advisor for mental health - Ethical Challenges and Working in the Gray Area

Paul Orieny, Ph.D., senior clinical advisor for mental health, CVT St. Paul - A Child's Right to Rehabilitation

Paul Orieny, Ph.D. - Crisis in South Sudan – Need for Humanitarian Care in Uganda

Dedan Otieno, psychosocial counselor, CVT Nairobi - Relieving Suffering for Survivors of Torture

Nancy Pearson, MSW, LISW, training manager, New Tactics in Human Rights: 'So Many Highlights': Reflecting on 15 Years of Human Rights Advocacy

Mohammed Qtaishat, physiotherapist, CVT Jordan - Physiotherapy to Help Torture Survivors in Their Darkest Hours

Haftay Hindeya Reda, counselor, CVT Ethiopia - Balance and Healing for Survivors of Torture and Trauma

Andom Redae, psychosocial counselor, CVT Ethiopia  Helping Refugee Trauma Survivors Begin New Lives

Kristi Rendahl, organizational development advisor, CVT St. Paul - Going Where Torture Survivors Need CVT: Assessing Global Locations

Scott Roehm, director of CVT's Washington Office - "A Torture Chamber in the Sky": Discussing the CIA's Extraordinary Rendition Program

Geoffrey Samal, counseling supervisor, CVT Kalobeyei - Clients Gain and I’m Gaining, Too

Heba Sarhan, psychosocial counselor, CVT Jordan - Healing Happens Even in Small Moments

Alexandra Sevett, executive assistant and risk management coordinator, CVT Saint Paul: Violence Against Women: What It Persists and What We Can Do 

Brynn Smith, clinic manager, St. Paul Healing Center - The Many Roles of Social Workers

Bereket Tadesse, counseling supervisor, CVT Ethiopia - Even the Youngest Survivors Move Beyond Their Problems

Dina Tamimi, staff interpreter/translator, CVT Jordan - Tools for Interpreting Stories of Torture

Fisseha Micheale Tassow, interpreter/cultural liaison, CVT Ethiopia- Translation is More Than Words for Survivors of Traumatic Experiences

Girmalew Teklu, finance/HR officer, CVT Ethiopia - Everyone Can Make a Difference, No Matter Where You Work

Abeba Kahday Tesfankiel, psychosocial counselor, CVT Ethiopia - When People Know Help is Available, They Show Up

Habteab Tsegay, psychosocial counselor, CVT Ethiopia - The Results of Healing Tell the Story

Wangui Wanjiru, psychosocial counselor, CVT Nairobi - A Wealth of Coping Strategies and Parenting Skills Through Tele-counseling

Dawit Weldab, psychosocial counselor, CVT Ethiopia - Clients Rebuilding Their Lives and Reshaping Their Futures

Daniel Welday - Survivors of Torture Build New Lives

Joseph Wesonga, phsyiotherapist/trainer, CVT Kakuma - The Mind-Body Connection at CVT Kakuma

Joseph Wesonga - Physiotherapy Supports Healing – Even in the Pandemic

Stanton Wood, strategic initiatives officer - The Report Film – Hollywood Gets the Story Right on CIA Torture

Mohammad Abu Yaman, senior physiotherapist, CVT Jordan - Finding the Most Effective Ways to Help Children Affected by War

Dejen Yewhalaw, counselor, CVT Ethiopia - CVT Ethiopia Commemorates 26 June in Tigray

Ala’a Younes, psychosocial counselor, CVT Jordan - Seeing Change within Clients is Motivating

Noor Zada, New Tactics MENA initiative officer, Jordan - Balancing for Better

Noor Zada - I am Human - the First Human Rights Book for Children in Arabic

Noor Zada - Youth Leaders Making a Difference in the Middle East & North Africa Region

EhTa Zar, Healing Hearts clinicial coordinator, CVT Saint Paul - At CVT, Interpreter Relationships Are Key

Asfaw Woldeyohannes Zegeye, logistics officer, CVT Ethiopia - Strengthening the Network of Support for Refugees



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