Healing in Northern Uganda is an initiative by CVT to provide mental health services to survivors of war and to develop the ability of local organizations to provide healing services now and in the future.

The Lord’s Resistance Army (LRA)-inflicted war in northern Uganda has had terrible effects on survivors. Many suffer depression, anxiety and posttraumatic stress disorder. While a number of organizations provide economic, medical and basic needs assistance, few offer mental health services.

CVT psychotherapist Gabriele Marini and ACTV psychologist Kizito WamalaWe are working with five organizations in the northern districts of Lira and Gulu. An experienced CVT psychotherapist rotates between the organizations, working closely with select counseling staff of each organization. This intensive, hands-on training initiative provides:

  • Ongoing intensive training and supervision for counselors at partner organizations by CVT psychotherapist.
  • Side-by-side co-therapy by counseling staff and a CVT psychotherapist, with counseling staff receiving feedback and mentoring.
  • High quality mental health services for survivors of LRA-conflict-related violence.
  • In addition, CVT hosts graduate psychology students from Makerere University in Kampala. These student interns participate in training and counseling along with counselors from local organizations, gaining practical, clinical experience in the treatment of clients suffering from torture or war trauma.

Healing in Northern Uganda is working to help organizations in northern Uganda build clinically sound, effective mental health services for survivors of war trauma and be able to continue to provide that care after CVT departs.

Healing in Northern Uganda is supported by the International Criminal Court Trust Fund for Victims. With the unique roles of implementing both Court-ordered reparations and general rehabilitation assistance to victims of crimes under the ICC’s jurisdiction, the Trust Fund for victims offers key advantages for promoting lasting peace, reconciliation and well-being in war-torn societies.


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