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Last updated: July 19, 2023

Since 2010, CVT Uganda has contributed to strengthening the capacity of the mental health sector in Uganda and to helping survivors of torture realize their right to rehabilitation through specialized mental health services.

Growing from a complex history of violent conflicts, war in this region was characterized by the abduction of young people, a particular brutality and scale of human rights violations, forced displacement of nearly the entire population into camps, and a longevity of violence that has had multigenerational impacts on social cohesion, economic structures, cultural practices and mental health. The scale of unaddressed trauma remains a driver of emerging conflict. CVT’s clinical services focus on rehabilitation of those most impacted by conflict, including women who were abducted and children born in captivity.

From the first session I realized the sessions worked to change me. I realized my life was not useless.”

Mirem, former CVT Uganda client

CVT Uganda is also contributing to ongoing transitional justice work in northern Uganda. The goal of this work is to strengthen and facilitate northern Uganda’s transition to durable, positive peace through directly addressing post-war emergent conflicts and empowering a more diverse range of survivors to participate in justice, healing and reconciliation, and to collaborate and support complementary initiatives both in the regional and national levels.

CVT also dedicates significant resources to the capacity development of mental health professionals throughout Uganda. In partnership with and recognition from Makerere University, CVT has developed and trains counselors from other humanitarian organizations in a one-year trauma rehabilitation certificate-level, or two-year diploma-level, curriculum. In a separate program, a CVT psychotherapist has been embedded at another international non-governmental organization for three years to train its counseling staff in trauma treatment.

Today, as a result of our work, thousands of individuals who survived unspeakable atrocities have found healing, respect and even love.”

Gabrielle Marini, psychotherapist/trainer

Gulu, Northern Uganda

  • CVT began working in northern Uganda in 2009.
  • CVT Uganda extends rehabilitative care to victims of torture in the conflict in North Uganda.
  • It began with yearly training courses on trauma-informed care and expanded over the years to provide mental health care.

“I never loved anyone before . . . now I realize it is good to care and be cared for by others. I don’t want to isolate myself anymore.”

— Former client at CVT Uganda

Isingiro, Southwestern Uganda

  • Began working in Isingiro in 2020.
  • CVT provides training and skills development for our partner Alight.