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Ten Years of CVT Uganda

We're proud to mark the 10th anniversary of CVT Uganda, which was established in Gulu in 2009.
Since then, CVT Uganda's work has expanded and evolved to meet the changing and growing needs of survivors of torture in the region.

Mark the Milestone With Us

CVT Uganda's10th anniversary is big news! Read our press release here.

Read our CVT Uganda 10th anniversary blog post

Read reflections from Gabriele Marini, psychotherapist/trainer, who's been with CVT Uganda since its inception.

Read a statement from Pieter W.I. de Baan, executive director of the Trust Fund for Victims, commending the work of CVT Uganda.

Watch this video of highlights from CVT Uganda's 10-year span.

Read details about clients who have received care from CVT Uganda in this infographic.

See details about clients at CVT Gulu in this infographic.

Learn more about the logistics of CVT Uganda's work.


CVT's work in Gulu, Uganda, is supported by the Trust Fund for Victims.



CVT's work in Gulu, Uganda is also supported by Fondation d'Harcourt.



Funding for CVT's program in Bidi Bidi, Uganda is a gift of the United States Government.


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