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Learn to Thrive Among the Rubble

A series by Farah Al-Dweik, senior physiotherapist, CVT Jordan

Our clients at CVT arrive at our door with unimaginable traumatic stories. In providing therapeutic services, one of the most important goals is to support clients as they rediscover the power of control, the power of self awareness, and the renewed power of ownership and compassion for their minds and bodies. Each has his or her unique therapeutic journey while the therapist plays the role of guide, facilitating clients’ discovery of their own ways of moving forward.

Reconnecting the soul and the body is not easy,
but from the womb of suffering the power is born.

Learn to Thrive Among the Rubble is a series of stories which describe the therapeutic journey of various CVT clients, written by Farah Al-Dweik in collaboration with selected physiotherapy and psychosocial therapy staff. These stories touch upon different trauma symptoms and explain how the interdisciplinary team works toward one goal: supporting people who have survived traumatic experiences as they build their lives again.

Read the stories here:

Out of the Shell
My Hidden World
The Red Hat


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